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Kentucky Cannabis Company partners, Dave Hendrick (left), Bill Polyniak (middle) and buddy Lance with the first high CBD hemp plant set in Kentucky fields since its prohibition.  ~2014

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our products:

We create only full spectrum extracts produced from the bloom of American hemp varieties known for their high CBD content. 


We do not use stalks, stems or seeds in our processes and we do not create isolates.  We currently provide wholesale and bulk opportunities in addition to our Genesis Blend and Batch products. 

Kentucky Cannabis Company introduced Cannabidiol to Kentucky in 2013 when advocating for the legalization of hemp for Bill's son, Colten, who was diagnosed with Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy. With the passing of SB50 and the Federal Farm Bill of 2014, KCC was approved as one of the original 6 to legally cultivate hemp in KY.  While others were focused on the plant's other uses, KCC placed all their efforts on growing high CBD, American hemp varieties. 

Bill Polyniak - Born and raised in central California, he is no stranger to agriculture.   He moved his family from Texas to Kentucky in 2005.  Since then, he and his wife have owned/operated multiple businesses in the Bluegrass until their son's epilepsy led them to CBD and hemp cultivation.

Dave Hendrick - Brought to Kentucky from Colorado decades ago by one of the leading innovators of the computer industry, Dave was a natural fit for Kentucky Cannabis Company. His green thumb is the magic behind our cultivation and beauty of our plants.

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